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Payroll Management System

The Payroll Management System deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pa

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Employee Information management System

An HRIS is an integral part of any HRMS. It is built for businesses of any size, whether they are startups with about 10 emplo

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Library Automation Software

Library Automation is the complete library management and automation solution that enables information providers, information

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Online School Automation Software.

Our online school management software is a fully featured, secure web based school management system with great support. See

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Office Automation System

Office automation systems (OAS) are configurations of networked computer hardware and software. A variety of office automation

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Yellow Page Directory Service.

For information regarding directories look under this Yellow Page Directory Service heading. Directories help people find busi

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Attendance Register

There is more than just keeping track of your employees’ attendance and daily reliability. Other than tracking the number of

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Departmental Store

We Provide department stores dealing in ready made garments, home linen, footwear, cosmetics, luggage and utensils. Whether yo

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Telecom Distributorship Management

Our Software is advanced need of the distributors. Our software provides person-less working of major activities of the distr

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Online College Automation System

Our Online College Automation System software is a fully featured, secure web based College management system with great suppo

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Medicine Shop Automation

Today the world's most forward looking medical Shops are trying to provide more reliable and accurate services in their field,

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hospital Management system

Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) or Hospital Management System software are synonyms of hospital e-Governance

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  • MLM Software
  • Online job Consultancy Management.
  • Jewellery Shop Automation.
  • Garment Shop Automation.
  • Restaurant Billing System.
  • E-profile Management.
  • Real Estate Solution System
  • Matrimonial
  • Pathology.
  • Travel Automation.
  • Shop Inventory.
  • Medicine System.
  • Automated Billing System.
  • Motel Software System.
  • Nursing Home Software System.


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